Thank you to everyone who supported Harvest Park Music’s 2019 trip to Disneyland! It was an incredible experience.
An extra special thank you to our amazing chaperones!

Thank You Noodles & Notes Volunteers!

On behalf of the entire Harvest Park Music community, we would like to thank everyone who helped make Noodles & Notes 2019 fun, delicious and successful! Below is a list of those who signed up to help. We know that there are people who helped without signing up, and we would like to extend our gratitude to each and every one of you who supported this event. Thank you!

Noodles & Note 2019 Coordinators
Paul Perazzo
Soojin Hwang

Jennifer Delp
Emmeline Chen
Jen Gable
Nancy Kent
Kim Martens
Judy McHargue

Finances/Online Auction
Jeff Dormer

Kitchen Crew
Rob Gibbs
Gerald Nazareno
Paul Unpingco
Steve O’Hare

Kitchen Crew – Seniors
Parth Bhagwat
Khaitlynn Cuevas
Shambovi Dhall
Jessica Hungerford
Nick Korshak
Dylan Ogolin
Wesley Shamblen
Matthew Sioson
Maxwell Stubb
Andrew Whiteland
Shaun Wu

Pasta Cookers
Violet Angelov
Jeff Florando
Ying Hai
Soojin Hwang
Rajani Lankipalle
Lisa Loundagin
Kim Martens
Maureen Mickaels
Jeannette Moore
Sarah Thomas
Khim Yang

Volunteers at the Event
Susannah Becker
Jason Borris
Sarah Coulter
Shannon DeCola
Joshua Delp
Sarah Delp
Dave Domingo
James Dormer
Emily Gable
Jennifer Gable
Logan Gable
Lori Gagnon
Kavitha Gorapalli
Loogy Gorge
Adriana Guervara
Sheila Gurtu
Juan Hao
Yi Huang
Olivia Hwang
Anita Iyer
Gurjiy Kaur
Rajani Lankipalle
Leslie Lawrence
Grace Li
Lisa Loundagin
Kim Martens
Louise McGeown
Sandra Rusconi
Minti Sangeet
Melissa Sano
David Shackleford
Evan Shackleford
Sarika Singhal
Sarasvani Vadera
Mike Wen
Ethan Wen
Emma Wen
Sreelekha Yalamanchi
Judy Zhu