The Harvest Park Music Boosters was formed in 2017 to help support the amazing Music Department at Harvest Park Middle School.

That’s a Wrap!

Thanks for a great year of music at Harvest Park — we hope all of you have a terrific summer!

And congratulations to all of our 8th-grade students on their graduation from middle school! We are proud of all of you and hope that you will always have music in your lives!

For those of you who were not at the Band Concert last week (or for those who want to relive the experience), here’s a link to a video of the opening number, Also Sprach Zarathustra, played by all the band students!

Thank You!

Thank you to our wonderful music teachers, Mr. Paul Perazzo, Mr. Jason Borris, Mrs. Sharolyn Borris, and Ms. Carolyn Blumert, for leading our students in a fabulous year of music! Thank you also to Vice Principal Caroline Fields for serving as the administrator overseeing the HP Music Program!

We’d also like to acknowledge and thank our inaugural executive board of the Harvest Park Music Boosters: Soojin Hwang (President), Mike Wen (Executive Vice President), Emmeline Chen (VP of Communications), Jeff Dormer (Treasurer), and Jennifer Delp (Secretary).

We would especially like to thank Mike Wen for his many, many contributions to HP Music this year and last year. He was the driving force behind Noodles & Notes, and we will miss him dearly since his family is moving on to Amador in the fall. Thank you, Mike, for all you do! Your donation of your time and talents has been a huge blessing to our school and music program!

HP Music Students in the 8th-Grade Promotion Ceremony

We are proud that our music students played a huge role in last night’s 8th-grade promotion ceremony. For those of you who weren’t there…

    • The ceremony opened with a recorded version of Pomp & Circumstance played by our Orchestra students as the 8th-grade students walked into the HP Gym.
    • Our 8th-Grade Choir Ensemble sang a beautiful arrangement of the Star-Spangled Banner.
    • Our Jazz Band students gave a live performance of Soulful Strut and Land of Make-Believe — featuring multiple solos by our talented musicians.
    • The new 8th-grade graduates walked out of the gym to the music of Fantasmic!, as recorded by our Wind Ensemble students.

Preparing for the 2018–2019 School Year

Students who will be in Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble in the fall can find the music for the seating tests on the Student Resources page.

And visit the Harvest Park Music calendar to find dates for concerts in the 2018–2019 school year.

Help Bring Back Choir to HPMS!

As you may have heard, Choir has been discontinued at  HPMS for the 2018–2019 school year 🙁 If you believe — as we do — that this is a great loss to Harvest Park, please let the School Board trustees and PUSD Superintendent Dr. David Haglund know. Contact information for the trustees can be found on the PUSD website. You can email Dr. Haglund at dhaglund@pleasantonusd.net.

In addition, please see the message below from Mike Wen:

Dear Students and Parents:

After talking with Dr. Haglund, Superintendent of PUSD, he reminded us, “Don’t give up hope on choir. The new principal will have the opportunity to review the master schedule and hear from students, staff, and parents about their priorities.”

With the majority of Choir members promoting to high school, however, those voices may not be heard, and the new principal may not know about a great program that has been sacrificed.

I would like to collect letters from any students, staff, or parents — current, new, or old — who would like to share their stories of what they believe makes Choir so special.

Was it developing the courage to sing a solo at the Winter concert? Was it the inclusivity of a tightly knit group? Was it the chance to be part of something musical without the issue of having a physical instrument?

If you would like to share YOUR story, please email it to Mike Wen. I hope to create a packet that will be available for the new principal upon appointment.

Thanks for your time, and please HELP BRING BACK CHOIR TO HPMS.